Saturday, August 31, 2013

Adobe Speedgrade overview

Speedgrade works by applying primary and secondary color correction layers to an image.

Here I added a primary grade boosting reds in the highlights, greens in the mids and blues in the darks as well as more contrast and saturation. Then I applyed a secondary corection to both the skin and the lips to make them more natural. After that a added another primary to bring the whites back to white and black back to black.

Here I added another secondary corection to the branches in the back to get the color tint out of it.

This look would be saved out and applyed as a adjustment layer over already color corrected clips.

Apache Longbow blender model download

The Apache Longbow blender model I have ported to cycles is up here for download.

Photomerge Panorama

A little panorama merged in photoshop.

Let's Learn Blender s1e8.5

Here is an overview of a way to get  a physically correct matte shadow material pass out of blender cycles and compositing nodes.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A new way of doing shadows Blender VFX

Here is a sample of a new way of compositing not just shadows but ambient light and bounce light as well as illumination.