(P.S. This Is Steve)

Minecraft Steve/Zombie cycles/internal rigged and textured model (Blender)

The standard Mincraft character (cycles and internal) that can be re-skinned to your liking. I have rigged this as conservatively as possible with no elbow or knee joints to get the authentic Minecraft movement. I have included the standard Steve skin and the zombie skin which I have scaled up in photoshop to preserve the hard lines because blender does not do vary well sampling 64 pixel wide images. If you want to put a custom skin in I suggest that you do the same.

Instructions for scaling skins-

  • Photoshop: go to image/image size/ then select nearest neighbor and enter 4096 × 2048
  • Gimp: go to image/scale image/ then set interpolation to none and enter 4096 × 2048


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