Monday, April 1, 2013

Best $25 I've spent in my life

I purchased a wide angle conversion lens the other day for 25 bucks. I was looking to get a little extra kick out of my lenses. Below is a picture of the two lens elements. The wide angle lens and the macro converter for it.
You can detach the wide angle lens and use the macro alone, I decided to give that a spin.

The waco lens gives crazy edge fringing at longer focal lengths for me as well as som have loss in clarity but I find that this can work well and add to the look of the image. It seems that the macro lens was not designed to be used independently but I think it still looks nice. In my last post you can see what the wide angle lens looks like in the images with the bad vignetting and distortion. The macro lens's optic problems leak into the shots there as well.

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